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Weekdays: 9am - 9pm
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The NEYAC also offers competitive leagues to go along with our amazing facilities.  If you aren't interested in traveling the country to get some  competition but still want a challenge, join one of the seasonal leagues that are run by local shooters. If you don't see a league that you are interested in joining or want to start a different league feel free to contact league manager Keith Hofer at 605-661-2160 or

Scroll to the bottom of page for latest updates on leagues from league coordinator.


Week 1 Results

Week 2 Results

There's still time to join this league. Come by to shoot Thursday at 7pm or contact the league organizer.

Week 3 Results

Week 4 Results

Week 5 Results


Week 6

Week 7


Leage Coordinator: Keith Hofer

First league night is Thursday, Jan. 18 at 7:00pm

If you cannot shoot on a Thursday night, the score can be shot anytime during Easton Archery Center hours one week before or one week after league night.  If this cannot be done, contact Keith for alternate arrangements.  When shooting a league score on other than league time, practice/warm up all you want.  When you are ready to score your league score, shoot only the 30 or 60 scoring arrows in your new target.  Turn in your target and the score card together.  Once you start scoring your league score you must shoot all 30/60 arrows and complete your score and turn it in.

This is a 7 week league

You must shoot all 7 weeks and you must shoot a minimum of four league scores on league night to be eligible for league ending awards.

Due to the World Archery Championships at the Easton Archery Center, we will not shoot league on the weeks of Feb. 8 and Feb. 15.  Here is the league schedule:


Jan. 18  VEGAS                       Feb. 22   NFAA                       March 15  NFAA

Jan. 25  VEGAS                       March 1  NFAA

Feb. 1   VEGAS                       March 8  NFAA


Awards will be to the top 50% of the eligible shooters

We will shoot 3 weeks of the Vegas target and then 4 weeks of the NFAA target.  You can shoot the three spot, 5 spot or one spot target.  Once you start a score it has to be completed on that target.  You can change from one spot to multi spot from week to week if wanted. 

Score cards will be located at the front desk in the Easton Archery Center.  Please give your completed score card to Keith or put it on the bulletin board just inside the front door to the left by the 3D League sign.  Weekly standings will also be posted there each week.

This will be a handicap league.  This evens the playing field for all skill levels of shooters.

We will shoot 30 arrows (10 ends of 3 arrows) at the Vegas target and will be scored 10X-10-9-8-7-6 on three spots and 10X-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 on one spot targets.  Possible score is 300 with 30 X’s  We will shoot 60 arrows (12 ends of 5 arrows) at the NFAA target and will be scored as 5X-5-4 on five spot and 5X-5-4-3-2-1 on one spot targets.  Possible score is 300 with 60 X.  Any arrow touching the higher scoring ring is counted as the higher scoring value.

Shooting fees are $20 League fee 100% going towards awards at the end of the league.

Archers must have either a membership to the Archery Center of purchase a day pass.

Day pass shooting fees are as follows:

            $5 NFAA Members

            $10 Non NFAA Members

            $0  Easton Archery Center Members

Looking forward to seeing you Thursdays at 7pm

Contact the leage coordinator: Keith Hofer at