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NFAA Easton Yankton
Archery Complex

800 Archery Lane
Yankton, SD 57078


Weekdays: 9am - 9pm
Saturday: 10am - 7pm
Sunday: 12pm - 7pm


Frequently Asked Questions

Does the range ever close for tournaments or other non-archery events at the NFAA Easton Yankton Archery Center? No. If we have a tournament, other ranges will still be open for shooting. For other non-archery indoor facility rentals, we keep part of the range blocked off strictly for archery use. The outdoor ranges are also still available for shooting. You can always refer to our website to check events on our calendar or vist our Facebook page for updates on events. 

If I buy a membership, do I have any blackout dates? No, if you stop in to shoot as a range member and the range looks full because of an event or tournament, please ask one of the range staff! We have space available to still allow our members to shoot. Remember, we have 7 different archery ranges to use. Try checking our Facebook page for updates on events as well as our website to see when our busy times of the month/week are.

How much does it cost to shoot here? Please refer to the RATES tab for daily, annual membership and group rates.

Does the $10/day cover all indoor and outdoor ranges? Yes! You can come in to shoot all 7 of our ranges for only $10/day. If you have to leave for a bit and want to come back later that day, that's fine! Just make sure you are signed in at the front counter, and you will be able to come and go all day.

Does the $10/day cover equipment rental? Yes! The $10 fee covers rental of a bow, arrows, and quiver.

How do I get started in archery? We have multiple ways to get you started in archery!

  • We have a Try Archery session every Saturday morning at 11:00am that teaches the fundamentals of archery. This class is only $5/person and there is no registration necessary. All ages are welcome! You can come on your own or bring a whole group of friends or family!

  • We have a Youth Explore Archery Session that is every Tuesday at 4:00pm. This session runs from September 22nd through October 27th. Please refer to the REGISTRATION tab for details and rates.

  • Level 1 & 2 Instructors are available for private lessons for those beginning in archery. You can call us at 605-260-9282 to set up a lesson time. 

How old do you have to be to start archery? You can start archery at any age! we've had students as young as 3 with proper equipment, instruction and supervision. For our weekly classes, the age range starts at 8 years old. For one time classes like TRY Archery they can be younger as long as there is an adult to supervise them the entire time and have adequate equipment to practice. If they want a good guide as to when is a good time to start, we would suggest when a child has enough hand -eye coordination to handle the equipment safely. They are then able to take instruction and have a positive attitude towards learning, that is they can take the good shots and the bad.