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Yankton's Place On The Archery Stage

How good of a job did Yankton really do in hosting the World Archery Youth Championships (WAYC) last summer?

That answer was delivered last week.

It was announced that Yankton has been awarded a pair of world archery tournaments. The Community will host the World Indoor Championships in 2018 and the World Field Championships in 2020.

That stands as a strong affirmation of the job local archery officials and this entire community performed in pulling off the WAYC in June. If international officials had not been impressed by Yankton, it would have been easy for them to send these tourneys elsewhere, to point to Yankton’s relatively small size as such venues go  — if you recall, Yankton beat out Mexico City to land the WAYC — to dismiss its bids.

But the fact that archery officials came back to Yankton with not one but two world events says something.

Yankton is an impressive place for an archery tournament. And as local officials noted during a press conference Friday, the archery world knows what Yankton is all about now.

The next step is get keep getting that word out around the region, which could help draw even more people to this community.

Speaking of which, the two upcoming world tournaments could provide a jolt to local tourism because, unlike the WAYC held here this past summer, the next two tourneys will be held in non-tourist seasons. The 2018 Indoor Tournament will be held in February, which is a terribly slow month in terms of lodgings and general tourism activity. The 2020 Field Championships will be held in September, which is part of the so-called shoulder season for tourism when numbers drop off from the summer months.

The 2018 tournament also puts a spotlight on the fact that Yankton has one of the finest indoor archery facilities anywhere, with its 90-meter indoor range being one of the few in the world.

But what else persuaded world archery officials — and this is very important to remember and says a lot about the Yankton area — is the wholehearted support that was shown by the community for the WAYC. There was a great army of volunteers who worked for free, which is something that is almost unheard of at some other major venues. Also, the activities that were arranged for the young WAYC participants also sent a message that local organizers were looking out for the athletes and other participants in a way that many other sites do not. It could be argued that this was Yankton’s small-town personality coming through and serving as a big plus.

Yankton has become a major player in the archery world, and that is due to the hard work of National Field Archery Association president Bruce Cull and his staff. But without the community itself supporting these ventures, that standing might not be what it is now.

Archery has become a major selling point for this town. It’s been a group effort that has made it so. We have no doubts that spirit will continue.


kmh, Yankton Daily Press & Dakotan. Read the original article here.