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Yankton's On Target




Bruce Cull admitted Tuesday to being a little nervous.

If you know the man, that is saying a lot. But sometimes, worry can be a good thing.

In this case, Cull admitted that he worried just a bit about the prospect of Yankton’s National Field Archery Association (NFAA) Easton Archery Center playing host to one of the biggest youth archery tournaments on the planet. Nevertheless, he was enthusiastic when he hashed out the idea with Sen. John Thune, who was making good on Cull’s invitation to tour the facility.

This week, Yankton officially submitted a bid to host the 2015 World Youth Tournament, a biennial event that draws hundreds of competitors from around the world and is watched by an estimated 1 billion people

If you’re the individual in charge of something like that, you may indeed have a few things to be nervous about.
But I have confidence in Cull and in Yankton, should they be able to land this major tournament. (It has not been held in the U.S. since 2009. The two tournaments since then have been held in Poland and China.)

Those odds are not nearly as long as they instinctively seem to us. In the archery world, Yankton is, among other things, extremely relevant— an extraordinary development when you consider that, 15 years ago, there was no Easton Center here and, thus, archery was little more than a niche recreational pursuit that some people here may have only casually dabbled in, for the most part.

But Cull had a dream of what archery could be and what Yankton could be, and he’s made it happen. His planning, promoting and hard work made the Easton Archery Center a reality, brought the NFAA headquarters here and allowed this community and this state to host prestigious national and world tournaments. Olympians have trained here. There are individuals here who have become state champions and national qualifiers — and none of that might have happened had they not been exposed to the sport thanks to Cull’s efforts.

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