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Yankton Compound Academy Instructor Named 2013 USCAA Coach of the Year

2013 Coach of the Year, Service Award, and Judge of the Year

Originally Published by the US Collegiate Archery Association 

Coach of the Year
Every year US Collegiate Archery wishes to recognize coaches, volunteers, and judges who contribute not just to their clubs, but to the country as a whole and actively participate in growing archery. This year USCA, after sending the nominations through committee, is proud to announce Mark Eggers is the 2013 Coach of the Year! 

Mark has volunteered his time, money, and energy into growing college archery. Currently coaching two teams, volunteering to help write the 3D USIAC rules, oversee the judging committee, Mark has been an amazing influence in his local community and nationally. 
As a coach, Mark was asked to help his first team and soon found himself with a second, trying to keep pace with them both and ensure everyone got their practice in, bows tuned, everyone packed and ready for the tournament, and doing the things every great coach knows how to do naturally. 

Nationally Mark saw a need to help archery and stepped up , calling around and asking if there was anywhere that he could volunteer, anything he could do to help out. At the time USCA was preparing for 3D USIACs and needed someone to help sort through the 3D rules, figure out what applied best to collegiate archery and how to implement it and said, “Yes, if you’d like to volunteer, could you...take this particular project?” Mark knows and understands the 3D world very well and was instrumental in assisting and maintaining 3D archery for USCA. 

Service Award
USCA wishes to announce that the two service awards for the year are to be given to Roberto Ghizzi and Mark Eggers. Both gentlemen volunteer their time and energy to college archery and their services. Roberto has become a one man show that can immediately become a director of shooting, the engineer to prepare a field, lining, striping, and setting up targets singlehandedly, and has a massive toolkit at all times in the event of the dreaded equipment failure. We look forward to seeing Roberto in the next year and thank him for his efforts in growing college archery.

Judge of the Year
US Collegiate Archery is happy to recognize Linda Collier as the judge of the year. From Southern California, Linda has worked with several organizations and their tournaments and is an old pro at the judging game. One amazing quality about Linda is the need to beg her to accept her stipends. Linda will often volunteer to judge the tournament or DoS it for free, without any expectations of compensation or recognition. It is constantly an honor and privilidge for her to work with tournaments on behalf of US Collegiate Archery, despite the lengthy debates over how she must please accept the compensation check or at the very least can we buy her dinner? We look forward to seeing her next year at Indoor Nationals in Tulare, Ca.