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World Outdoor Archery Festival: No. 1 Archer Captures Title

Sending an arrow down a course is a complex biomechanical action, which when coupled with the pressure of competition can be a daunting task.

However, for the United States' top archer and Olympic contender, Brady Ellison, it is just another day at the office.

Ellison won first place in the men's senior recurve division on Sunday at the final day of the USA Archery (USAA) National Field Championships at the Dakota Range at Gavins Point Recreation Area.

“I felt all right, it was a super easy course and I had a lot of fun. (Saturday) I kind of had a rough start and then I came back OK at the end of it,” Ellison said. “Then (Sunday) I kind of did the same thing but I came back. I kind of made a couple mental mistakes and messed up my sight.

“I still shot decent, it is still the highest score I have shot on the field course, but it is also probably the easiest course I have shot,” he added. “The weather was decent, only a couple flies that bit us a bit.”

Ellison, currently ranked No. 1 in the nation and battling for the top spot in the world, defeated his friend and roommate, Jake Kaminski, 724-695 in the field competition.

Jennifer Nichols won the woman's senior recurve division with a score of 679. Heather Koehl earned second place honors with 657.

Earle Bateman IV earned top honors in the men's master recurve division with 641 points, while David Wearne placed second with 588.

The woman's master recurve division was won by Lynn Walter with a score of 470, and Lani Young placed second with a score of 363.

Men's senior compound division winner was Jesse Broadwater with 844 points. Dave Cousins placed second with 833 points.

“Overall, this course was not as challenging as a FITA field usually is, but it is also not completely flat so that helps,” said Jamie Van Natta, one of the top women's archers in the nation. “It felt good, it was a well manicured course so it was nice to spend some time in the shade and spend some time on a well cut course.”

Van Natta grabbed the victory in the woman's senior compound division with a score of 806, with Paige Pearce coming in second with 785 points.

“The weekend went really well for me, I shot pretty well for myself. It was really hot yesterday (Saturday), so it was really hard to compete in that kind of heat. Today (Sunday) was a beautiful day, much nicer and cooler and nice and refreshing,” Van Natta added.

Evan Scudner won the men's junior compound bow division with a score of 762.

The men's cadet compound division was won by Danny Button with 791 points, nudging out David Thomas with 788 points.

Catherine Thomas won the women's cadet compound division with 678 points.

Dee Wilde grabbed the victory in the men's master compound division with 784 points. Frank Pearson held on to second place with 779 points.

Lora Smith won the women's master compound division with 642 points.

John JR Klus won the men's bowman compound division with a score of 771, while Alex Thomas earned second place at 626.

The men's cub division was won by Kyle Thomas with 667 points.

In men's bare bow action, Gary McCain earned top honors with a score of 576, while Daryl Harris placed second with 482 points.

Rebecca Nelson-Harris won the women's bare bow division with a score of 568. Second place went to Sandy McCain at 559.

In the men's master bare bow division, Jerry Grabman earned the top spot with 453 points, while Dick Wood nabbed second with 414.

The men's master compound fingers division was won by Dale East with 630 points. Paul Lewkowicz scored 620 points to earn second place.

According to chairman of judges Brian Ficker, “These are archers from around the nation as well as around the world. We have all skill levels and all age levels, from beginners to the top elite in the world.”

The National Field Championships was the first part of the World Archery Festival, which will continue today (Monday) with the start of the NFAA Outdoor Field Nationals.