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Our Opinion: Archery Hits the Mark for the Yankton Area

It behooves us today to again offer a word or two of support and admiration for the placement of the National Field Archery Association (NFAA) Headquarters and the Easton Sports Development Foundation Center for Archery Excellence in Yankton.

The new facility was officially dedicated this past weekend in the midst of three archery tournaments, including the World Field Archery Championships, which brought to town approximately 600 competitors from across the nation and around the world. It was a perfect and perfectly impressive stage upon which to officially celebrate not only this new facility but also this community's new standing as a hub for archery enthusiasts.

What's great here is that, in a sense (and this isn't totally accurate), the arrival of this facility makes something out of what could arguably be described as nothing.

Prior to the successful efforts by Bruce Cull to bring these facilities here, archery was essentially a recreational activity that probably wouldn't have ranked with fishing or golf in terms of interest. Now, Yankton has become a genuine destination for archery enthusiasts, and that brings with it tremendous notoriety in new circles of recreation and new opportunities for revenue - and revenue expansion - for this area.

We mention it again today because it really is a conspicuous example of “thinking outside the box,” a corporate cliché that nevertheless perfectly summarizes the impact this facility can have for Yankton. It brings a new player to the field, so to speak. It also has the potential to generate other side benefits, such as a new campground facility and new areas for soccer and youth baseball.

We also feel compelled to point this out because, when word of the new facility's arrival in Yankton hit the headlines - as did support for the move by both the city and the county - we did field a couple of people complaining that the whole idea of putting an archery facility in Yankton was a waste of time and money. Why should taxpayers get involved in such a scheme? And we were asked by a couple of anonymous callers, “What's in it for me?”

The answer to that should be obvious now. It was present with the archers from around the globe who were in town last week, with the city and state officials on hand at Saturday's dedication, and with the possibilities these facilities now present to the community.

That's the best way to answer the narrow-minded doubters who could not or would not see the possibilities in doing something different, something that's out of character for this region and something that plows new roads to the future. Saturday's ceremony was a real bulls eye and great development for this area.