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NFAA Hosts Adult High Performance Compound Academy

September 14-16, 2018- The National Field Archery Association, NFAA, held it’s second annual High Performance Adult Compound Academy September 14-16 at their headquarters and Archery Center in Yankton, South Dakota. Seventeen archers from all over the US, from New York to Alaska as well as Columbia, came to the NFAA headquarters and Easton Archery Center. This Academy ran in conjunction with the NFAA Outdoor Target National Championship; over half of the participants of the Academy participated in both events. The coaching staff in attendance included Michael Price of New York, Jeff Sanchez of Illinois as well as Archery Center coaching staff Josahan Jaime-Santacruz and Anne Abernathy. A feature of the NFAA Academy series is the opportunity for participants to receive coaching from professional archers. This year’s guest pros were Paige Pearce, Lexi Keller, Tate Morgan and James Lutz; all of who also competed at target nationals. The NFAA Easton Archery Center provided several areas for archers to work on their skills including a 20-lane, 60-yard indoor practice range, classroom space, blank-bale area for working with pros as well as adjacent equipment area to make adjustments and repairs to bows.


This year’s academy featured two video-analysis systems that allowed archers to get feedback from multiple coaches as well as one-on-one coaching time with guest pro shooters. Archers had the opportunity to listen in on panel discussions where coaches and pros shared their experienced and lessons that have helped them advance in the sport. Topics covered during academy included mental management for competition; which was a big success, in-depth discussions on equipment tuning, the importance of a shot sequence and effective shot execution. “The video analysis was by far the best,” commented Craig Stamper of Ironton, OH. “It allowed you to see every little aspect of your shot. It was awesome and I would highly recommend it because it allows you to see your shot with coaches and pros as well as yourself and really break it down throughout to make chances with visual feedback & critique!” 


“This was an excellent Academy,” commented Josahan Jaime-Santacruz, Academy coordinator and coach. “We had archers that were here for the Academy that also shot nationals. They had the chance to work with coaches to make sure their bows were set up well for the event and had the chance to talk to pros on shot execution before and after each day. I was very impressed with the pros for their ability to jump right in to the Academy and start helping archers with their shooting, working on their bows, sharing their tricks of the trade. Archers learned valuable information and were able to apply it immediately. This was practical learning at it’s best and what makes the NFAA Academies truly High Performance.”

Asked about what activities or presentations they found most valuable, Greg Gill of Fairbury, NE remarked “The videoing, suggestions and ways to implement changes. Being able to have one on one discussions with coaches and pros was the best. It gave viewpoints not thought of by us as shooters. The need for mental work was all good as well.” 

Yankton archer, Sandy Herrlein commented, “The mental and visual prep was great. We also had a long discussion on arrow dynamics and how to choose the best type of arrows. It was excellent information to help you improve your archery skills.”


The unanimous response of archers at the academy was overwhelmingly positive.

When asked if they would recommend this academy to other archers, Harry Windle of Lincoln, NE stated “Absolutely. It is a higher level of information with all the details that are involved to become a next-level archer.” 


Paul Parsons of Wood Lake, MN added, “I highly recommend this academy to all of my shooter friends and club members. This will give me the knowledge to get to the next level of shooting. Thanks to all the coaches, the pros and the NFAA for putting this on.”


Guest pros also weighed in on their experience coaching the Academy. “Such a great experience, having the opportunity to work with people who are so enthusiastic about archery, and just wanting to succeed,” commented Lexi Keller. “10 out of 10, would recommend.”

Veteran Academy pro, Paige Pearce, added “Always a great experience helping with the NFAA Academy! I had a good time working with everyone and going over the video analysis with Michael Price and Tate Morgan! Thank you to everyone who attended the camp and the other coaches and pros who make the camp possible. I’m already looking forward to the next one!”


For more information on upcoming high performance programs and events visit the website. For photos, updates, and additional event details at the NFAA Easton Yankton Archery Center’ visit and follow the Center on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (@YanktonArchery).