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NEYAC Hosts International Archer, Neela Cezair

The NFAA Easton Yankton Archery Center (NEYAC) was proud to host 22-year old Trinidad and Tobago archer, Neela Cezair, for the five weeks that she trained in Yankton, SD.  NEYAC is one of the only 90-meter indoor ranges in the world! And, not only does it have a 90 meter indoor range, but also two 90 meter FITA fields that can hold up to 70 targets and 140 shooting lanes, three 28-target field courses, and a 3D animal range all in one location. NEYAC is looking to host more and more archers and teams from around the world to allow them to train in this world-class facility. Neela happens to be one of the first.

Level 4 NTS Coach Josahan Jaime Santacruz was one of the individuals who played a vital role in Neela’s experience at NEYAC. “Neela was a dream student,” said Coach Josahan. “She was dedicated to her training and eager to learn. Once you have an athlete like that, the coaching is much easier.” During her time at NEYAC, Neela received a well-rounded approach to her training which involved technical development of her shot cycle, learning about equipment setup and tuning, developing her mental game for competition and also learning how to create a training plan during her time at the Center and beyond. Part of Neela’s training involved building her stamina for competitions. This had her shooting for 4-5 hours at a time. Normally, this could create a huge workload for any archer, but luckily Neela had a team of professionals that addressed every aspect of her training as an athlete. 

In addition to her time working with Coach Josahan, Neela had strength training sessions four days a week with Coach Mark Roozen of Avera Heath. She also had a weekly physical therapy session with Amanda Adamson of Lewis & Clark Therapy toreduce the risk of injury and treat soreness and overall aches. All of this culminated in her participation of the High Performance Youth Compound Academy, which was held atNEYAC during her time there. She had the opportunity to train with other top-level coaches and professional archers and was also able to shoot with thirty-one other up and coming junior archers just like her from around the United States. "My time training here has gone beyond my expectations,” said Neela during her exit interview at the Center. “Now that I'm leaving I feel more confident in my shooting, I feel more independent in my ability to work with my equipment, but most importantly I have tools I can use to advance and pursue my goals in the sport. This has really been an amazing experience for me. I feel blessed to have come here."

Overall, Neela had the opportunity to learn what it takes to be an athlete in this sport. The coaches at NEYAC are looking forward to seeing Neela grow as an archer and take her knowledge back to Trinidad. That is part of the mission of training facilities like the one in Yankton: to be a resource to archers from all over the United States and the World.