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New Targets Bring More Fun to NFAA Tournament

By Rob Nielsen

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There will be wild animals — and even some dinosaurs — roaming around Yankton’s Paddlewheel Point this weekend.

These sometimes life-like replicas are all part of the Rinehart 100 (R-100) Archery Tournament hosted by the National Field Archery Association’s (NFAA) Easton Yankton Archery Center. The tournament runs Saturday and Sunday.

NFAA president Bruce Cull said this shoot is very large compared to most others.

“The R-100 is a 3-D tournament which is one where we shoot silhouette rubber animals basically,” Cull said. “This particular one is a really big one, it’s 100 different targets — 50 North American animals and 50 exotics.”

Cull said while there is a competitive element to the tournament, it’s really geared to be fun.

“They shoot for competition and lots of prizes,” he said. “It’s probably deemed to be more of a fun-type family shoot, unlike the target competitive tournaments we have.”

He said 200-300 participants are anticipated.

The tournament’s format is also flexible, allowing participants to choose how they go about tackling the course.

“There’s several different options that the archers have,” he said. “They can shoot 50 targets, they can shoot 100, or they can shoot a combination of them. They can shoot all in one day or they can shoot some Saturday and some Sunday.”

Cull said there’s hope to bring the tournament to town on a yearly basis.

“It’s the first of what we hope is an annual event,” he said. “It’s pretty inventive and a big production.”

The course includes nearly a mile of walking trails at Paddlewheel Point. Along the trail, archers will find a host of targets including deer, a giraffe, dinosaurs,  a leopard, bears, a tiger, bison, and fighting rams.

In addition to the fun aspects of the tournament, Cull said it can also be a learning experience.

“It’s kind of a combination between a novelty and it teaches some good bow-hunter education-type shots,” he said.

Cull said the reception for the idea has been positive so far.

“We’ve had response from quite an area,” he said. “We’ve got people from Nebraska, Iowa and Minnesota all coming and the local archers too. It looks like it’s going to be a really good turnout.”

He added the tournament helps give archers a chance to try a new variation as well as boosting the center’s mission.

“It’s exposure to archery of a different discipline,” he said. “Then there’s the domino effect: it’s the economic development of people coming in for another archery event. It’s exposure to Yankton and the different things we have to offer.”

Though online pre-registration has closed, anyone interested in participating can still register Saturday and Sunday mornings starting at 9 a.m. Registration is located at the NFAA Easton Yankton Archery Center.


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