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Mister Perfect Mike Scholsser returns to South Dakota

World's Number One Ranked Archers Competes at Frist Dakota Classic 

Earlier in the day, Mike Schloesser was asked by the parent of a fellow archer if he had finally bought “that house.”

As the conversation continued ahead of Friday’s opening day of the First Dakota Classic in Yankton, it became clear to someone out of the loop that Schloesser had recently purchased a home in his native Netherlands. Makes sense, right?

“Not one in the States, huh?” the father asked Schloesser.

There was a wide smile.

No, as it turns out, the 23-year-old Schloesser — the top-ranked archer in the world — loves his home country so much that he chooses to live over there and travel all over the globe for various tournaments.

“It’s good for the miles,” he said during an interview Friday afternoon at the Easton Yankton Archery Complex, which is playing host to the 3-day First Dakota Classic this weekend.

Proof that the ninth annual tournament in Yankton attracts a diverse group of archers, Schloesser is from the Netherlands but regular shoots at tournaments across the United States. There are archers competing at the First Dakota Classic from as close by as Yankton and as far away as Canada, Mexico and Denmark. --- read full article on the Press & Dakotan here.