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It's a Big Month for Archery

For archery fans, a week of events later this month will provide quite a treat.

USA Archery and the National Field Archery Association (NFAA) have joined forces to hold four major archery events at the NFAA Easton Yankton Archery Complex.

From July 22-30, the complex will host the USA Archery National Field Championships, the NFAA National Field Championships, the USA Archery National Target Championships and the Hoyt World Open.

“This is the first time they've ever been held all together like this,” said Bruce Cull, NFAA president.

Carmen Schramm, director of Chamber services for the Yankton Area Chamber of Commerce, said the week should help the city gain some exposure.

“To have this going on in Yankton is quite the event,” she said. “This is just one more thing that helps get the word out about Yankton and the archery complex, and we expect to capitalize on it and we expect to see it grow.”

Cull said the complex has put in “a year's worth” of preparation for the tournaments already, although recent events have added even more to the workload.

“The flood really threw a curve at us,” he said. “Some of our ranges are flooded and under water. But thanks to the state and some local entities, we've been able to come up with some land a mile or so east of our complex. So we're going to have about 10 days of solid work just building new ranges for this event.”

Even with the setback, Cull said the archery center is fully prepared for the event.

“We're geared up and set up for it,” he said. “It's what we designed this complex for - to host these major national and international tournaments.”

With all the archers, vendors, staff and fans traveling to Yankton, Cull estimates the event will bring more than 1,000 people to the community.

“We've filled most of the motels up, and thank goodness for Mount Marty College and their dorms, because we are utilizing that, too,” he said.

While accommodations might be hard to come by, Schramm said there are rooms still available for those wanting to attend the tournaments.

“It's probably going to take a few more phone calls than people are used to, but there are rooms in Yankton,” she said. “People need to contact us if they are having difficulty finding a room.”

The event kicks off with the USA Archery National Field Championships July 22-24. During the tournament, archers will shoot at 24 targets each day from distances that will be both marked and unmarked.

“They go out there and it's kind of like a golf course where they shoot at all different distances,” Cull said. “So it's kind of something unique.”

The NFAA National Field Championships follow from July 25-27. Archers will shoot at 28 targets, with different types of rounds each day.

“They'll shoot a hunter round, an animal round and a field round, which are just different colored targets at distances anywhere from 20 feet to 80 yards,” Cull said.

On July 27, between tournaments, an archers appreciation night will be held at the field next to the complex. It is tentatively scheduled for 6 p.m.

“It is the one night when everybody from all the tournaments is there together,” Cull said. “The public is definitely invited to come and watch and participate in that. We're also going to have some really big announcements regarding the expansion of the complex.”

Competition resumes the next day, with the U.S. National Target Championships held in conjunction with the Hoyt World Open from July 28-30.

“This is a big tournament that's very spectator friendly,” Cull said. “And it's kind of neat because they run a different format where they shoot qualifying rounds the first two days, and then shoot head-to-head to determine a champion.”

Archers who participate in all the events will also be eligible for a car shoot-off July 30 to win a brand new Ford Mustang.

Cull said that while there will be plenty going on outside, there will also be entertainment inside the complex headquarters.

“For the entire duration of the event, we'll have a trade show set up inside the complex that will have all the major archery manufacturers and vendors,” he said. “We'll have several seminars that are open to the public, too. Everything from forms and fundamentals of shooting to tips from the pros.”