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I Shoot for the Girls Tournament - October 10th

The Annual I Shoot for the Girls Tournament will be held at the Complex October 10th from 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM. The cost is $20 per shooter with 100% of the profits going toward the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Contestants will shoot from 18 meters (Vegas Style). The target, pictured to the left, consists of four breast cancer ribbons, the white in the center of the ribbon's loop is worth 10 points, and anywhere on the pink is 5 points; this includes the very small breast cancer ribbon in the I Shoot For the Girls logo. There will be 10 rounds for a total maximum score of 400 points. Each arrow will be shot at a different ribbon. Double scoring and certification by a range officer is required.

Last year's Shoot Like A Girl event had such a great response that there will be more categories this year: Women's, Men's, Young Adult (15-17), Youth (12-14), and Cub (11 and under).

This tournament not only provides participants with an opportunity to compete on an international level, but also supports the National Breast Cancer Foundation through 100% profit donation.

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