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Daily Dose: Make No Mistake, Yankton Is a National Archery Hub

Among the comments I overheard and conversations I had this weekend at a pair of national archery tournaments, one question directed at me stood out.

“Do you think Yankton realizes what it has here?”

It made me stop and think.

The person asking it was a life-long archer and resident of Yankton, and he was referring to the growth of the sport nationally - specifically, though, in small-town Yankton, South Dakota.

He went on to say that at one time, not so long ago, Yankton was simply a place where archers stopped in at Dakota Archery and ventured out to the ranges by Gavins Point Recreation Area. Now, a handful of years later, Yankton is one of the burgeoning archery hubs in the country, aided by the relocation of the National Field Archery Association (NFAA) headquarters in 2008.

I understood his point.

In essence, he was asking if the average Yankton citizen realizes what their city has.

Sure, some may see archery as more of an activity than a sport, but if you've ever spent time around any of these tournaments, you can see just how it has grown within the younger ranks. Yankton boasts an ever-growing Junior Olympic team which includes local kids who have won national titles - not just one or two, but plenty.

Some of the top names in archery are frequent visitors to our town because of the many national and international tournaments held in Yankton every summer. Take last summer, for example. Four of the archers who qualified for the Pan American trials - held in Yankton - are among the six who will represent Team USA at the London Olympics later this month.

And so, going back to the original question, I would have to say, no. But in time, I think what Yankton features and can offer will certainly catch on.