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Busy Winter Leads to a Hectic Spring

Thank you, Leadership South Dakota, for coming to Yankton and spending a couple of hours at the NFAA Easton Archery Center. We had so much fun touring you around the facility and showing off the variety of ranges and venues where we host tournaments and events. It was wonderful to see everyone standing on the line shooting at the targets. You could definitely sense that there were competitive people in the group, which made it even more fun.

What an exciting February we had at the Archery Center. More than 130 people registered for the Midwest Sectional two-day tournament in Yankton. It was a great boost for the hotels and restaurants to have so many people in town during what is traditionally the slowest time of the year. We were proud to bring in people from all around the region. Out of the five locations in the Midwest, our Archery Center had the highest number of archers.

Many of the archers that were here for Regionals will also come back to Yankton April for the SDAA State Indoor Championships. We are expecting more than 200 archers for this two-day tournament. As always, this tournament is open to spectators, so please stop out and see what all the excitement is about.


• The South Dakota State Indoor Championships are April 2-3.

• The NASP® (National Archery in the School Program) East River State Championships are April 9. Approximately 300 archers will be in Yankton for this event. NASP® is a nationwide program that focuses on target archery in grades 4-12. The program focuses on teaching lifetime skills. They reinforce training that is consistent, comprehensive and current. Each student learns on equipment which is safe, universal fit, modern looking, affordable and durable.

• The Midwest Archery Regionals are April 16, with approximately 100 archers.

• Try Archery: If you are interested in learning the basics and having some fun, then this is the class for you. Every Saturday (except during major tournament weekends) from 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m., there is a learning session that will teach you safety, range rules, and the basics of shooting. This class is open to all ages and only $5 per person. No pre-registration is necessary so grab a couple of friends and come experience something new.


The National Indoor Championships will be in Louisville March 18-20. This event is managed by the NFAA staff in Yankton and we are excited to host over 1,800 archers from around the country.

The Archery Zone at Memorial Park during Ribfest will be open June 4 from 11 a.m.-8 p.m. We are working to design some fun targets to provide a safe and unique shooting experience for everyone. If you would like to volunteer to help with this event, contact Nancy (info below).


How do I NOT screw up my shoulder? I’ve had different versions of this question in my time as coach. Shoulder injuries are common concerns for archers considering the repetitive workload the arms, shoulder and upper back undergo when shooting a bow. If unaddressed or untreated, a shoulder injury could be one of the few ways to end an archer’s ability to shoot a bow without resorting to adaptive archery equipment. Although archery is one of the safest sports, with one of the lowest injury rates, there is always a risk of injury in any sport. There are a few ways to abate this risk that I recommend to any archer.

Shoot a weight you can manage. This means both the mass weight of the bow with all the accessories as well as the draw weight (tension of the bow as you pull it back). The most common cause of injury is an “over-bowed archer”, that is, an archer pulling more weight than they can reasonably handle repetitively. A quick test you can do is have an archer sit in a sturdy chair and pull back the bow. They should be able to pull the bow to full draw without the need to lean back or raise the bow above their head in order to gain momentum to pull. Once at full draw the archer should be able to hold the bow in that position for 40-60 seconds. The idea is the archer should dominate the bow, not the other way around. If an archer is able to safely and comfortably draw back a bow then you can move on to preventative measures of repetitive stress.

 Proper warm up and stretching. It’s all too common for athletes, archers included, to begin an activity before properly warming and stretching their muscles. This is an important part of an archers routine that helps blood circulate in and around the collection of 40+ muscles involved in supporting and stabilizing the shoulder blades, shoulder socket and arm muscles during a shot. You can consult an archery coach or other sports resources for ideas on warm ups for shoulder and back strengthening. You’d be surprised what 5-10 minutes of warm up and stretching will do to extend your longevity as an archer.

Use proper form. Nothing hurts me more than seeing an archer utilizing a shooting technique that I know is causing undue stress, pinching, or pulling on muscles during a shot cycle or at inconsistent times in their shot cycle (think archer aiming, holding the stress of the bow at full draw and then checking if their front shoulder is positioned correctly). Improper form is one of the three most common ways archers can injure themselves. There are a variety of effective shot cycle routines that use biomechanically methods to help utilize the body in an effective way to execute a shot while reducing the likelihood of injury. Consult an archery coach in your area to help define or re-define your shot cycle to reduce discomfort that could lead to injury.

When in doubt consult an archery expert you trust. A knowledgeable coach or archery shop should help determine if there are issues with the equipment, archery technique or physical concerns an archer needs to address.

Have an archery question for Coach Jos? Send us an email at under subject line Archery Tips.


We are looking forward to sharing archery news and activities at both the Community Forum and Interchange in the coming month. If your group would like to hear more about archery and the great things happening at the Archery Center, call to schedule a date. We are excited to do presentations to groups at your meeting location or we could possibly host your group at the Archery Center, providing you a tour of the facility, time in the museum and participating in a shooting activity. For additional information, please contact Nancy Wenande or 260-9282.

Original Yankton Daily Press and Dakotan article available here.