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Archery Events to Boost Yankton Economy

Archers from across the country are getting ready to attend one or both of the archery tournaments taking place in Yankton over this next week.

The business these sportsmen bring while they're here will be very beneficial to the local economy, officials said.

Sponsored by the National Field Archery Association, the tournaments - the Unmarked 3-D Championship, held July 19-20, and the 63rd annual Outdoor Field Championship, held July 21-25 - are estimated to draw between 700 and 800 participants.

“We'll have probably 1,000 people with everybody - spectators and everything else going on,” said Bruce Cull, NFAA president.

“Any time you can bring in over 500 people to Yankton for a week, it's going to have a significant impact on the community and the economy here,” added Lisa Schieve, director of Yankton's Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Businesses - especially hotels and restaurants - will be among the entities that are impacted, Cull said.

“I would say it would be pretty difficult (to get a hotel room) this weekend,” he said. “I think that we take up a large percentage of the rooms that are here, and camping and everything else.

“We did some numbers not too long ago and, for the duration of our event, we figured about 20,000 meals are eaten in Yankton by the people (who attend the tournaments),” he said. “That's a huge number in itself.”

However, those numbers don't necessarily begin and end with the tournament. Although registration doesn't begin until today (Friday), some attendees have been in town for a while now.

“There's been seven people from Texas that have been here a week already,” Cull said. “One group of guys told me that they're spending a couple thousand dollars on motel rooms for the duration, plus all their meals and their gas and their shopping for things all over. It's just a really big impact.”

Another factor is the length of both tournaments, which, combined, last until July 25.

Cull said, “This isn't a weekend tournament. This tournament runs from basically (today) through to next Friday. This is an eight-night event for almost everybody that's coming.”

He continued, “Any time somebody goes somewhere for a long time like that, they run into more than just the lodging. They're going to have day-to-day necessities and all sorts of other things that they're going to need.”

There will be more tournaments in the future, as well, thanks in part to the not-yet-completed NFAA complex, which is located at 800 Archery Lane, between the Super 8 and Sturdevant's Auto Parts.

Cull said, “The plans are to have these as often as we can. Now that the NFFA owns the grounds that we host these on, we'll be able to have them much more often.”

Schieve added, “Next year, we'll be hosting the world competition. Right there, that's great exposure internationally that we're getting from this, which will have a great impact on our community.”

She said the economic benefits of these tournaments will extend into the future.

“The return on the investment is ongoing - it's not just a once-a-year opportunity or a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” Schieve said. “The return on the investment will continue to go on.”