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Archery Center Offering Explore Bowfishing Camps

This year the NFAA Easton Yankton Archery Center, NEYAC, is offering an Explore Bowfishing camp as part of it’s summer programming.Being partners with ATA means that NEYACgets to execute all of the awesome programs that they come up with. NEYAC’s first Explore Bowfishing camp offered, was a fun filled two days. NEYACpartnered with the South Dakota Game Fish and Parks and Outdoor Campus naturalistJason Nelson helped the class with understanding fishhabitats and South Dakota statelaws regardingbowfishing. NEYACoffered classes for both kids and adults; the majority of the information was the same with some modifications to account for age groups. With the kid’s camp, participants played games to help the better understand the information regarding the safe and effective Bowfishing practices such as; being able to identify certain fish, laws that coincide with fishing, how to shoot the bows, aiming in water, shooting at moving targets, and actually shooting in the water. With the adult camp, the first day included an overview of instinctive shooting for bowfishing, an introduction to equipment and basic Bowfishing equipment repair and practice shooting at the Archery Center’s fish pond, shooting at moving targets and lastly how to change arrows out. The last day of the adult camp, students and camp staff decided it would be a great idea for everyone to get their fishing licenses and take a trip down to the river to put to test the valuable skills they learned. The camp provided information and activities to encourage participants to enjoy this fast-paced archery-based form of fishing as well as enjoy public waterways available to them.

NEYAC will be offering another youth and adult Bowfishing camp between the end of July and August. For more information on this camp visit the “Summer Programs” page of the NEYAC website or contact the Center at 605-260-9282 or

Youth Explore Bowfishing photo album

Adult Explore Bowfishing photo album