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Archery Can Make For An Exciting Weekend

Pardon me if I repeat myself from Twitter last week: “I've said it before and I'll say it again, archery has been one of my favorite things to cover. Visiting NFAA headquarters is always fun.”

Now that another tournament-filled weekend in Yankton is behind us, that statement rings even more true.

I've had some friends jokingly ask me over the years “Why do you cover archery so much?”, and while, yes, it's a rather obscure sport, there's a very good reason: Yankton is an archery hub. It's one of our nation's biggest epicenters for the sport. It draws some of the biggest tournaments and the top names in the field.

And quite honestly, it makes for an exciting weekend.

This past weekend was a bit unique in that even with two tournaments going on (the First Dakota Classic and the NFAA Unmarked 3D Championships), myself and our part-time reporter Emily Niebrugge spent both Saturday and Sunday inside, covering the First Dakota Classic. We blame the weather. The 3D tournament is, as its name references, shot outside using animal targets, which as you can imagine makes for some pretty cool photos - there's one station where archers shoot at an alligator target.

However, the indoor tournament was easily the most exciting part of the weekend. Over my years covering archery, I've found that indoor shoots provide the most drama. Sunday afternoon was the perfect example: The professional male division came down to a shoot-off, and yes, I saw some people chewing their finger nails.

It's even scary to think, but Yankton is only growing in archery circles. This coming weekend, our little town will host an international tournament. So yes, expect some pretty heavy coverage from that.