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2015 Archery Championships Target Yankton, SD

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YANKTON, S.D. (KTIV) - The summer of 2015 will be a bulls eye for the city of Yankton, South Dakota, as the Easton Archery Center hosts 600 competitors from 60 countries at the World Youth Championships.

Yankton was chosen from a number of potential locations, including Mexico City, to host the event. The bid was submitted by the National Field Archery Association Foundation, and Yankton was chosen because of its state-of-the-art facility.

"We've got a 70 and 90 meter indoor archery range," said NFAA president Bruce Cull. "We've got a 50,000 square foot facility here. "We've got two Olympic FITA fields, which are the fields that are used for shooting the longer distances outside, which we'll be hosting the tournament on."

Cull says their facility is everything archery. But archery is just one piece of the puzzle. With 1,200 people expected in Yankton for the event, a committee of 12-15 has been formed to handle all the challenges that come with such a large event.

"The top obvious bullet points are transportation, food and beverage, those are probably the two biggest logistical ones," said Cull. "And accommodations will be number three. Getting people involved that have an expertise in that is where we're going to start."

Despite those challenges, the event will put Yankton on the map, and that's exciting for the city.

"I can't say how huge this is, just for the two weeks they'll be here, the number of people," said mayor David Carda. "Just how it's going to show off for South Dakota and Yankton for years to come."

NFAA officials say that this event will positively impact not only South Dakota, but Nebraska and Iowa as well, because to get to Yankton, most will need to fly into Sioux Falls, Sioux City and Omaha.
The World Youth Championships take place from June 8-14 of 2015.